The aims and objectives for workshops are to stimulate an appreciation of the art of quilting; to encourage fellowship; and to share, learn, teach and promote old and new ideas, techniques, designs as well as information regarding quilting. They also encourage participation in our Comfort Quilts and Preemie charitable endeavours. Our committee aims to reach all levels of quilters, from beginner to advanced, and to make the workshops affordable to all members of the guild.


October 28, 2022  10:00 to 3:00     Teacher: Danielle Gagnon               Chenille Scarf


Fabric : 1 ½ yard of 45” Rayon from SewBatik, to order visit choose the colour from 45” Batik Rayon send me the information I will place the order for the group, will each receive a kit ready to use.

Registration: Maximum 20 people

To register and order your fabric, contact Danielle Gagnon